Activation Report – GFF-255 and CASHOTA G-066

{first draft… photos to follow}

About Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is located midway between Tunbridge Wells and Hastings, in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Originally built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge to defend the area against French invasion during the Hundred Years’ War, the castle is now owned by The National Trust, having been donated by Lord Curzon on his death in 1925.

Activation Details


Wednesday 21st November 2012


Within the amateur radio world it is valid for the following:

  • Flora Fauna: GFF-255 (High Weald AoNB)
  • CASHOTA/WCA: G-066
  • Worked All Britain: TQ72

Slow Start

QRV as planned at 07:30 both 40m and 20m were quite quiet – P29FR was heard calling in 14,245 from Papua New Guinea but he could not hear me… Scanning the bands, I logged CN2LO in Morocco (59/52) and Bulgarian Saints Award station LZ1620PPZ both on 20m, and then Danilo IK2SAV/P for the Italian Castle Award.

Good Run on 20m

Eventually at 08:35, 20m burst into life, and the usual FF pile-up quickly built… 86 calls went into the log over the next 45 minutes, before drying up.

Most stations were European, with a few Asiatic Russians making the log, but the highlight of this run was VK2FR calling in from Australia (many thanks!) with a 57/55 exchange.

Switch to 17m

After 20m dried up, I switched to 17m, and added 32 (mostly European) stations to the log.

Switch to 15m

I’m rapidly developing an affiliation to 15m, and as this band was open, I gave it a go, and added a further 22 (mostly European) stations.

Inter-G on 40m

By now it was 10:00 and 40m had opened to inter-G – a quick run here added 18 stations into the log, including three-Gs and a GM… but the castle was now open, and the car-park was getting full – it was time to go. So QSY to join the Worked All Britain net on 7.160


Over three hours of activity, a total of 161 QSOs were logged across the four bands used.


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