New WWFF Log Search Live

Andrew M6ADB is proud to announce that the new WWFF Logsearch (at is live.

All WWFF activators and hunters/chasers are encouraged to register.

Further enhancements and new features will be added in time, as dictated my the WWFF program requirements.  The new logsearch “belongs” to the WWFF community!


Earlier this year, the existing WWF/WWFF logsearch was stopped, by its author.  As logsearch is a vital part of the WWFF program, a replacement was required.


Andrew M6ADB would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following during the development and testing of LogSearch to date:

  • Steen, 5P0O
  • Friedrich, DL4BBH
  • Petr, OK1IN
  • Jakob, OZ7AEI
  • Lars, PH0NO

And no doubt others I’ve missed. My thanks to you all.

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