Activity Report – April 2013


For me, April was a quiet month, with poor band conditions preventing more activity.


Three GFFs have been activated during April.

  • GFF-121 (Thames Basin Heaths) – 7 QSOs in a quick, passing re-visit.
  • GFF-211 (Wren’s Nest) – 52 QSOs over three hours, in trying conditions
  • GFF-273 (Surrey Hills) – 13 QSOs during a passing re-visit

I’m planning to make regular, but short, visits to the local GFF121, GFF-207 and GFF-273 over the coming months, in addition to any other main activity.

Worked All Britain (40m only)

In April, I activated 22 small squares, of which 14 were new for 2013.  This gives an accumulated 128 squares activated for 2013 so far (remaining on 407 “all time”). For the 2013 Calendar Award, four eligible months have already been achieved.

Unfortunately, the poor band conditions resulted in none of the planned (approx) 30 squares being activated during a business trip to-and-from Nuneaton, however progress continues on each of the main awards:

M6ADB WAB Statistics
Activity Activated Worked
Apr YTD All Apr YTD All
Small Squares 22 128 407 81 201 709
Large Squares +1 8 17 +7 36 50
2013 Decade +4 85 n/a +7 92 n/a
2013 Calendar OK 4 x OK OK 4 x OK
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