GFF-207 Wealden Heaths SPA – Clarifications


When the World Flora Fauna program was first established, the Directory appears to have put together with limited knowledge of the UK’s designated areas.

Originally, reference GFF-207 was defined as Thursley Common – which is assumed to have meant the small area designated as a National Nature Reserve.

Relevant Designations

Part (but not all) of Thursley Common NNR forms part of the RAMSAR designated Thursley and Ockley Bogs.

The NNR and the RAMSAR designated areas both form part of the Natura2000 designated Thursley, Hankley and Frensham Commons Special Protection Area (SPA) – also known as the Wealden Heaths SPA.

All of the SPA forms part of the Thursley, Ash, Pirbright and Chobham Special Area of Conservation (SAC), which also encompasses part of the Thames Basin Heaths SPA.


To avoid confusion, and risk invalidating activity, the Directory was updated in January 2013 to define GFF-207 as Thursley, Hankley and Frensham Commons SPA to include the areas designated as follows:

  • Thursley, Hankley and Frensham Commons SPA (and SSSI)
  • Thursley and Ockley Bogs RAMSAR
  • Thursley Common NNR


  1. The remaining parts of the SAC are included within GFF-121, the Thames Basin Heath SPA.
  2. The neighbouring RSPB reserve at Farnham Heath is not included within the SPA, and retains its seperate reference, as GFF-206.

Wealden Heaths SPA – Phase II

Subsequently, Phase II of the Wealden Heaths SPA has been designated, encompassing five further separate SSSIs.  Three fall within existing National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designations.

The GFF committee will be considering the suitability of allocating separate references to incorporate the expanded designated areas:

  • TBD – Bramshott & Ludshott Commons SSSI
  • TBD – Broxhead & Kingsley Commons SSSI
  • GFF-273 applies to Devil’s Punch Bowl SSSI
  • GFF-018 applies to Shoreheath Common SSSI (and SAC)
  • GFF-018 applies to Woolmer Forest SSSI (and SAC)


  1. The East Hampshire Hangers SAC, including Ashford Hangers NNR, is not included within the SPA, and retains its separate reference, as GFF-117.
  2. The Butser Hill SAC, including Butser Hill NNR, is not included within the SPA, and retains its separate reference, as GFF-120.
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