Activity Report – March 2014


The highlight of March was completing both the WAB Decade for 2014 and the WAB Sapphire Award.

Otherwise, I was active as work and family allowed.


Four GFFs have been activated during March.

  • GFF-121 (Thames Basin Heaths SPA) – several short activities
  • GFF-246 (The Cotswolds AONB) – mobile activity
  • GFF-286 (The National Forest)
  • GFF-292 (The Basingstoke Canal SSSI)

As before, I’m planning to make regular, but short, visits to the local GFF121, GFF-207, GFF-273 and recent addition GFF-292 over the coming months, in addition to any other main activity.


No activity.

Worked All Britain (40m only)

At the start of the year, I set myself three chaser targets for 2014 – achieve the Trophy level of the Sapphire Award, complete the Worked Decade and hopefully reach the Gold Level (1,200) in the Squares Award.  Three months into the year, all three targets have already been met!

Two visits to near to Nuneaton provided opportunity to activate a number of SK and SP squares, as well as a few more in the SU large square.

Progress continues on each of the main awards…:

M6ADB/2E0GFF WAB Statistics for March 2014
Activity Activated Worked
Mar YTD All Time Mar YTD All Time
Small Squares 61 161 510 236 504 1,236
Large Squares 4 10 18 +4 42 58
2014 Sapphire n/a 30 pts (Pearl) n/a 45 pts (Sapphire)
2014 Decade +7 90 +4 100 (Complete)
2014 Decade (SU only) +2 40 n/a n/a
2014 GB Special Events n/a 8 14
N.A.T.S. 0 0 26 2 12 41
Islands 0 0 1 5 9 (+2) TBA
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