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Ever since I (re-)created the WWFF LogSearch website (originally established by Igor EW4DX) there has has been regular feedback concerning the way the “Top Operators” tables have been created.

This blog records some of the changes that have been made over the past few days.


Originally, the aggregation was based on an exact match of the Hunter call-sign – this led to the unintended distinction between (eg) M0YMA, M0YMA/M and M0YMA/P

This has now been revised to aggregate on the base call-sign, so that each of the above will aggregate as a single score.

This also means that, where a special call-sign has been used,  such QSOs can be annotated with the home-call for aggregation purposes, so that (eg) M6ADB and MR6ADB aggregate as a single score.  Operators should contact me with details!

Club Calls

One of the biggest “complaints” is that the the tables do not distinguish between single-operators and club-activities.

On the whole, this is because club logs are being submitted with the operator field set to the club call-sign, not the individual operator’s call-sign.

Discussions with several club stations suggested that this was because the Club wanted to be included in the Top Operator table.

Therefore, I have added an additional section to the tables, to show Club and Team activity, aggregated on the (base) Station Call.  This table is for Club and Team call-signs only (using a flag in the user profile).

Club managers are requested to contact me to have your club included.

I intend the term “Club” should also include informal groupings and Teams of operators who share a group call-sign.


Aggregation remains unchanged – this remains based on an exact match of the operator field.

Note: the Operator field, not the Station Callsign field!

All operators, especially those of Club or Team call-signs are requested to comply with the ADIF Specification, and include their own home-call in the Operator field when submitting logs.


One final comment – and that is to remind everyone that the Top Operators are indicative, and are there for a bit of fun… please do not get too obsessed about their accuracy!  And any errors are down to the data I have been provided!


I am sure there will be some teething troubles as these changes bed-in… and while logs are updated to show correct operator call-signs (etc)

Please feedback any issues, errors or comments.

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