Brave Radio Friends

M0YMA becomes a Brave Radio Friend

M0YMA becomes a
Brave Radio Friend

I have recently been introduced to the Brave Radio Friends group…

This group’s stated aims are:

Our common interest lies in DXing, hunting for awards and showing activity on the radio.

So, of course, I have joined…

The group offers a number of awards… permanent and timed, including:

  • Annual
    • Islands Award
    • BRF On-Tour Award
  • Timed
    • Jan – Radio Activity Award
    • Feb – Antarctica Activity Award
    • May – European Spring Activity Award
    • Jul – Head Quarters Award (IARU contest)
    • Aug – Lights Hunters Award
    • Oct – Day of German Unity Award (Oct 3rd)

I look forward to working towards achieving a few of these awards, and helping others to achieve theirs!

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