WAB Book Series 7

The Worked All Britain Awards Group has announced the launch of the 7th Series of books – now including a USB flash drive, rather than two CDs – commencing at book 24000.  The new series will take effect from 17th June 2020.

Previously, I have subscribed to take up every WAB book ending in 44 – as part of the transition, book number 23044 will become valid, and book number 24044 will become valid in due course.

However, to show my continued support for WAB, I (and my two daughters) have each taken a new Series 7 book as part of the launch.

So, with effect from 17th June 2020, we are now the proud holders of the following new booknumbers:

  • Series 6
    • 23044 – Andrew M0YMA
  • Series 7
    • 24005 – Andrew M0YMA
    • 24006 – Emily (SWL)
    • 24007 – Isobel (SWL)
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