QSL Information

Important Notice

I have not yet had cards for my new calls (M0YMA or 2E0GFF) printed… so please be patient!  There is no rush, so please do not send direct cards yet!

Via the Bureau

I am a member of the RSGB and QSL via the bureau is welcomed.

Please ensure any cards for activities outside of England are send “via M0YMA”.

Members of the Royal Signals ARS (and also RAFARS and RNARS members) are welcome to send cards via the RSARS bureau.

Please feel free to contact me to request a bureau card!


Due to recent increases in postal charges, I regret that I can no longer offer direct cards for free.

  • UK stations should send a stamped/self-addressed envelope
  • Overseas stations should send two or three Green Stamps

Electronic Systems

I upload my log to:

  • eQSL
  • LoTW
  • ClubLog
  • QRZ

Additionally, logs of relevant activities are submitted to:

  • SOTAdata
  • WCA elog
  • WWFF LogSearch